Metal Roof Machinery


SSH Roof Panel Machine


Length 12’ 10” (3.9m)
Width 3’10” (1.2m)
Height 4’3” (1.3m) w/ Over Head Rack
2’0” (.6m) w/o Over Head Rack
Weight 2200 lbs. (1000kg)
60 ft/min (18m/min) Approx.


  • Hydraulically Driven Polyurethane Rollers Shear
  • Hydraulically Powered, Infinitely Adjustable,
  • Hardened Tool Steel Blades and Dies
  • Panel Recognition Safety Proximity Sensor

Coil Width
14” to 24” (350mm to 600mm)

Materials Formed

  • Painted Steel 30 ga. to 24 ga. (.3mm to .6mm)
  • Painted Aluminum .027” to .040” (.7mm to 1.0mm)
  • Copper 16 oz. to 20 oz. 3/4 Hard (.5mm to .7mm)

Standard Features:
Polyurethane Drive Rollers
• Choice of one Hardened Stainless Steel EZE CHANGE™ profile roller system with shear dies.
• Quick Change Power PacTM, Gas or Electric
• Computer Length & Batch Control
• Power Interruption Safety Circuit
• Field formed panel have demonstrated compliance with UL580 Class 90 when a UL certificate accompanies the machine producing the panel
• Panel Recognition Safety Proximity Sensor
• Hydraulic Drive and Shear
• Length Control Limit Switch
• One Pair of Bead, Pencil, Striation or V Rib Rollers
• Push Button RUN/JOG Controls at Entry and Exit Ends
• Welded Tubular Steel Frame